Woodworking Bench Hook Miter Box

The single most important hand toll appliance is 3 sticks of wood. As its name implies this jig hooks over the edge of your workbench.

The Bench Hook Is Likely One Of The Most Basic Tools In The Woodworker S Arsenal With Images Woodworking Bench Used Woodworking Tools Wood Carving Tools

Educational video produced by hd media pro.

Woodworking bench hook miter box. A woodworker s secret weapon. That will only make it slippery and difficult get hooked. This videos shows the steps involved in creating a bench hook which is an essential workbench accessory used in.

For small moldings and dowels a fine tooth handsaw cuts cleaner and safer than a fast spinning tablesaw or mitersaw blade. With the taller fence i can register a back saw in the kerf and make very accurate cuts. This old time aid to sawing by hand belongs in every wood shop.

In reality the miter box or miter block was only the means with which we made the preliminary cut. When the glue dries you re ready to go to work. The miter hook is really just a normal bench hook but i made the fence 1 5 tall and cut two 45 degree and one 90 degree kerf in it.

Don t apply a film finish to the bench hook. The miter box guides the saw on both sides of the material being cut and tends to be more. But with a handsaw and this bench hook miter box you ll cut those angles with ease.

The scale helps you cut short bits to length. I used a bandsaw to bisect a 3 3 8 diameter disc cut with a holesaw these are each wrapped with wide rubber. Bench hooks make your handsawing safer and more accurate.

With your bench hook assembled mark a scale on its fence in 1 2 or 1 4 increments. The business end consists of a v block to which i screwed two half discs that serve as cams to hold the mitered end of the workpiece. Here s how to make one use one and additional uses and functions.

Small parts miter maker bench hook woodworking plan. Cutting perfect miters in small project parts using a tablesaw or mitersaw can be dicey. I also stopped the fence short of the left side of the hook to allow cutting there too.

Miter saw router table saw tool cabinets. Bench hooks are portable work surfaces used to make basic woodworking tasks such as crosscutting boards and drilling holes easier to perform. As a bonus they help protect the surface of your woodworking bench from bumps and dings in the makers.

You apply forward pressure with your non cutting. Cut kerfs in the fence of your bench hook as shown at common cut angles and use it like an old fashioned miter box. Because the base is constructed like a bench hook it doesn t need to be clamped to the bench.

Final trimming and fitting for fine work was always accomplished with the shooting board. Endeavors at hand cutting miters and square cuts.

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