Woodworking Bench Dog Holes

Now i ll move onto making bench dog holes and holdfast holes. Used well your bench is an all in one three dimensional clamping solution that will allow you to hold your work on any of its edges or faces.

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The holes were drilled with a 3 4 hss lipped brad point drill bit lee valley item 07j02 48 in an ordinary 1 2 power drill.

Woodworking bench dog holes. All dogs have advantages but i prefer square steel ones. Dog holes are used to secure what are called bench dogs often made of medium hard woods such as mahogany cherry and or walnut. The path of holes needs to be in line with the center of the vise and its dog or in two lines corresponding to two points equidistant on the vise the distance apart would be a number slightly less than the opening of the vise.

Ideally space the dog holes so you can secure a board of any width to the workbench ken so start by measuring your vise s capacity. For the dog holes i made a jig using two pieces of 8 4 ash the material used for the bench as described in those plans. Where do i put my dog holes.

I have a pretty quick and easy method so let s get started. For example if the vise s jaws can hold a board up to 6 1 2 secure any board up to that size between the jaws. How do you go about choosing the location layout pattern and number of bench dog holes to cut when building a workbench.

The wood used to create a bench dog must strong enough to hold your work but still pliable so as not to damage the wood you re working with. You just drop these into the bench holes and you have another set of vise jaws with huge capacity. Round holes so i incorporated both types into the bench.

The guide to dog hole placement. How to drill perfectly vertical bench dog holes in your workbench a woodworking bench is more than just a table to lay your tools and project parts on. Square and wood vs.

So seeing as i just built a new workbench myself and had to ask myself this question i thought it was time to come up with something more definitive. I built a veritas bench based on plans obtained from lee valley. So i present my foolproof secret to.

Making bench dog holes holdfast holes in your workbench top. That depends is usually the answer i give and that probably frustrates more than it helps. To make a lot of consistently sized bench dog holes i setup a plunge router with an adjustable fence.

But a board larger than that must be secured between the vise dog and a bench dog. How ever lots of accessories are designed to fit into 3 4 in. Metal will go on as long as folks work wood.

But i can make. For the end vise i milled square dog holes to fit specific steel dogs. I ve made bench fence stops by assembling two dowels spaced the same as the dog holes in my bench top in a 1×2 oak bar about 12 inches long.

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