Install Woodworking Bench Vise

This is one of those essential homestead tools. I go step by step through the process of how to install a woodworking vise.

How To Install And Mount A Vise Without Drilling Holes In Your Workbench Bench Vice Workbench Workbench Vise

When the vise is installed the top edge of the jaws should be to inch below the top of the bench.

Install woodworking bench vise. In this video ed pirnik shows you how to mount one to your workbench using a spacer block and a full length inside jaw apron. This positions the top of the vice flush with the table surface. Woodworking vises don t come with anvil surfaces so woodworkers might want to install a benchtop vise on a shop surface for straightening antique nails and reclaimed hardware.

Later ed shows how to drill dog holes so they are aligned properly with your vise. To drop the jaws slightly below the top of your bench make a wooden plate that fits between the bottom. A cast iron woodworking vise is easy to install and a great addition to any bench.

A vice makes certain work about a million times easier. To begin drive the roll pin from the end of the vise screw remove the connecting bracket and the front jaw and then degrease the vise of its protective coating. This space allows room for the wood face which is added later to cover the top of the jaw.

Woodworking vises differ from metalworking vises in that they attach to the bottom of the bench surface or are built into it with typically wood jaws flush with the benchtop. The easiest installation entails making spacer blocks to set the tops of the metal jaws below the bench surface while screwing the vise to the underside of a bench. Four vises per square bench table.

A spacer block was attached to the underside of the bench so that the top edge of the vise sits at the desired depth relative to the top surface of the workbench. To install an edge cast iron vise remove the front jaw screw and side bars to make the vise lighter and easier to work with. Two types of vises.

Woodworking vises vary in price from about 30 to as much as 400. Everybody s familiar with the standard metal jaw vise but there s a second type of vise to consider. This is a great addition to a workbench and you can never have too many vises.

I learned to use these and really liked them. We show you how to install a irwin wood vise. Metalworking vises usually mount to the top of a bench.

Any off work stuck out to my right and it was easy to make cuts etc. Way back when i was a new teacher the woodworking benches in my first school had vises mounted on the right hand corners. Metal jaw vises are easy to install photo 1.

Here s a quick comparison. The installation instructions for the vise specify that the table thickness must be at least 2 1 4.

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