Highland Woodworking Sharpening Stones

There is a revolution going on in tool sharpening and it is being caused by the new dmt dia sharp diamond stones i started woodworking in the early 1990 s as a woodcarver so i know the importance of creating a keen edge on a knife chisel and plane blade. The coarsest stone in the kit the coarse extra coarse 10 x 4 dmt diamond stone is 40 square inches in area making it more than three times the surface of a traditional 6 x 2 stone.

Using The Veritas Mk Ii For Tool Sharpening Veritas Tools Woodworking

Whenever practical wetting the stones with water or light oil will virtually eliminate clogging while you sharpen but they can be used dry as well.

Highland woodworking sharpening stones. We offer a wide variety of sharpening stones for all aspects of hand sharpening woodworking tools. Watch the video to learn pros and cons of each sharpening method and get started sharpening. If your tool has a blade is it almost worthless unless it is sharp.

Sharpening tools is the best part of working with woodworking tools. We have stocked dmt stones and eze lap stones for over 25 years. When sharpening on stones make sure you are using the whole length of the stone and are holding the chisel on the steel portion of it so that you are less likely to lift the handle and round the chisel back.

Use diamond stones to sharpen or lap almost anything from tool steel to carbides to glass and ceramics including ceramic stones. If you are overwhelmed by all of the choices for sharpening and honing your plane irons and chisels we can help in the video below justin moon takes a closer look at the many different options for sharpening including water stones diamond plates oil stones ceramic stones sandpaper and more. It is so big you feel like you are sharpening using the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Among our tool sharpening products you will find a great selection of power sharpeners and grinders complemented by our fine collection of sharpening stones files and other sharpening supplies. When it comes to sharpening tools you can do it the hard way the wrong way or the best way so make it easier on yourself and get the right sharpening stone for the job. Molly bagby is an employee at highland woodworking who recently finished up a 2 week basic woodworking course at.

Highland woodworking highland hardware inc. Waterstones waterstones for tool sharpenening including combination stones single stones by grit and sets with the variety best suited for the sharpening needs of woodworkers available at highland woodworking. I ve owned other diamond flattening plates in the past and when used to flatten sharpening stones they had a somewhat short life expectancy.

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