Fine Woodworking Winding Sticks

Winding sticks are tools to help visualize any wind otherwise known as twist in the wood. In order to detect wind you place one winding stick at each end of the questionable board and sighting over the front stick see if either end of the back stick is raised.

Winding Sticks Wood Woodworking Fixtures

Winding sticks are the tool to diagnose this.

Fine woodworking winding sticks. Winding sticks are the tool that usually first touches the lumber. I could not help but chuckle here yup i agree his winding sicks are indeed timbers and gee whiz is his shop in a tonado zone i have rather small set of winding sticks i made whcih are stable and as flat and square as i could get them. To view the entire article please click the view pdf button below.

Maybe pinch rods are next soon we can not make our own any more. Winding sticks are invaluable for helping to check the flatness of large boards but they become useless if they warp as humidity levels change. Winding sticks have been around a long time but they have not outlived their usefulness even in a machine based shop.

Many traditional winding sticks employ contrasting color inlays on the upper edge of the. He is one of the founders of lost art press a book publishing company that specializes in handwork and crucible tool a company that makes hand tools for woodworking. Sure winding sticks can be made from plywood or angle iron but since being stared at is their sole purpose they ought to look good.

Fine woodworking toolbox plans. Be sure that the woodworking plans you re considering are best for your skill level. They work fine n dandy.

Winding sticks plans guide wooden toy plans australia visa philippines giant house plans with basements desktop catapult plans pdf individuals who build things out of wood are usually referred to as carpenters. They have been in use for thousands of years and are still a hand tool that should be in every wood show. They can tell you if there is a bow cup twist or other imperfection that should be removed in the milling of the board.

They have a patent pending on winding sticks. They make twist and wind visible and they have a host of other uses as well including checking a board for a consistent angle and finding the high points in a board too wide for the jointer. Nor most likely will we see articles about winding sticks in the magazines again.

Edited 1 4 2006 11 02 am et by h12721. Happy new year to all h. Winding sticks pair excellent with handwork like flattening a board by hand.

Essentially any surface that is supposed to be flat no matter its size can be twisted enough to throw everything off course. Christopher schwarz don t build a new workbench is a furniture maker and writer who works from a german barroom built in 1896 in covington ky. Dan schwank of red rose reproductions has taken a novel winding stick design from an antique store find and turned it into a modern tool that looks and works beautifully.

They are only 16 long about 5 8 ths wide etc. Read this article to learn how to avoid this problem by making a pair of winding sticks out of mdf and hardboard. From fine woodworking 276.

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