Fine Woodworking Dowel Vs Domino

I have the 500 and it does a fine job for large farm tables you would want to xl. The round dowel will shrink differently than the pieces it s in and the joint will loosen up.

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Then it all came together as one at the top of the turning.

Fine woodworking dowel vs domino. The domino jointing system is suitable both for panel joints and frame and rack joints. Midnight man specifically asked about dowel jointing systems vs domino for joining manufactured board. Fine woodworking mag did a major comparison in 2009.

If you have to do a lot there is no way a dowel jig is as fast as domino not even close. Not sure of the effect in plywood. In this short video fine woodworking special projects editor asa christiana demonstrates how to use the domino joinery system to create solid mortise and tenon joinery.

And i don t think i am a particularly slow woodworker. I wanted to use other tools around the shop to incorporate into this turning. Neither is meant to make wood stronger.

Sign up for eletters today and get the latest techniques and how to from fine woodworking plus special offers. The simple placement of the domino dowel allows for the economical production of. Domino versus dowels if you have to drill a few holes sure a dowel jig is fine.

Although a domino will cut mortises in a similar way to a biscuit joiner the actual shape of the mortise is specifically designed to only accept the domino tenon. To me though the domino is a loose tenon system while dowels are more of an enhanced butt joint. In general as a fine furniture builder i stay away from dowel joints for the simple reason that they tend to fail over time.

At leaset that what s fww has taught me. A biscuit join and a more tradition dowel joint. I don t have a festool domino so i may be talking through my hat here.

This turning is an example of the battle between the dowel and the domino. I don t own a domino but have played with it and have used dowels to know how slow they are. A domino joiner is somewhat of a hybrid between two different types of joins.

Of course this does not say anything about ease of creating one. For lining up joining and the flexibility of the domino this is a great tool. Technically i suppose the dowel could be considered a loose tenon as well just a dimensionally challenged one.

Neither were as structurally sound as a beadlock or pocket screw. Your work should be strong enough without a dowel or a domino. Biscuits ranked just below dominos.

When you get a few minutes please elaborate on what you see as the differences between the dd40 and the xl df 700 systems placing emphasis on which you see as providing the. Domino is a new unique jointing system. It began with the dowel at the bottom then it progressed to the domino.

Your words seem to indicate that the joinery obtained via the dd40 system s larger bits and dowels are comparable to those one can obtain via the domino xl df 700 system. Get the right size to your average workpiece. The system consists of the domino dowel jointer recently developed by festool and a loose spigot in the shape of the oval domino dowel.

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