Fine Woodworking Chisel Sharpening

An initial investment of less than 150 will get you chisels a honing jig and sharpening stones all of which will likely last longer than you will. To watch paul s video on sharpening chisels with diamond stones click here.

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How to sharpen a chisel or plane iron freehand.

Fine woodworking chisel sharpening. If it weren t for commercial honing guides many a modern woodworker would have a tool chest full of dull chisels and plane irons those little clamp and roller devices make it easy to hone a blade by holding it at a consistent angle while it s pushed across a flat sharpening stone. Abrasive paper strips approximately 9 x 3 inch 80 or 150 grit 400 800 1500 2000 3000 2 of each grit or as close to these grits as you can find. My sorbets don t fit right in my eclipse type jig and the veritas jig needs 3 hands to set up.

Consequently i grind my larger chisels say 7 8 at lower angles. Sharpening woodworking tools start woodworking s1 ep7. Woodworking hand tools most notably hand planes and chisels are some of the most useful tools in the woodshop.

That seems rediculus but i am going to try it along with honing the chisel because my method is not sharp enough for what i think and the problem is tearing the wood and making a mess so the best thinf is to spend time before instead of time after trying to fix the mistake. It should sit perfectly on the glass. Really small chisels typically punch into wood so their edges are easy to manintain as well.

To set up and sharpen your chisel using abrasive paper you will need. Sounds like you are using the scary sharp system which is fine. Sharpening mortise chisels user 7323528 posted in hand tools on october 25 2020 04 28pm what is the best way to sharpen mortise chisels.

The system is built around three dmt diamond plates which are in varying grits from coarse to extra fine and then the last sharpening surface is a leather strop which is used as the final honing surface and can be used in between sharpening sessions for quick touch ups. But a properly honed chisel is an extremely useful woodworking tool. I think wider chisels hold up better because the pressure stress on the edge is less driving force is usually the same.

Sharpening a chisel is actually quite easy especially if you use a honing jig. But the super fine grit of 8000. The best way to convince yourself that you are using the jig correctly is to take a chisel or plane iron previously honed to either 25 or 30 degrees set it up in the jig and place on the glass without paper in place.

They stay sharp for a long time so plan to sharpen them about once or twice a year unless you use them very frequently. In the time it takes to set up many power tool. A set of brand new chisels won t be sharp enough to do intricate woodworking so you ll want to sharpen them before you start on a project.

Plan to sharpen chisels before using. Ditto for chisels 1 4 and under.

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