Eq2 Thurgadin Woodworking Table

Some recipe books still list these stations as sawhorses in addition to each of the traditional tradeskill zones free standing woodworking tables can be found in the following locations. Contents show qeynos north qeynos.


Enter a custom location to show on the map.

Eq2 thurgadin woodworking table. There are currently 37 844 points of interest on 1 351 maps. 117 poi s in thurgadin city of the coldain. Tradeskill instances and other places to craft eq2.

Destiny of velious tradeskill quests. Outside the general store near the horses and outside on the north side of the tavern behind the unicorn. Resolve is shown colors are from worst to best.

If this was one of those playing around things the video would have been three times longer even at 16x speed p p i did have to remake about 40min of raw video because i messed up and started recording while eq2 was the active window which means it was not recording the editor s window p. New combine foothold has all crafting amenities in the crafting cave at 3971. Craft the three then return to aggi for your reward.

The thurgadin exchange has all crafting amenities. Maile s exchange bag n barrel qeynos harbor. This list of items and faction requirements is from beta and may change.

Corundum powder component 1s and 30 000 faction. All the furniture in everquest ii. Ad adorments missing m masters missing ref reforges missing v not used age how old the toon information is.

1 components and fuel 2 harvesting tools 3 shields 4 totems 5 melee weapons 6 ranged weapons the crafting device of choice is of. Fhara s furnishings sneed s trading post south qeynos. For a categorical listing of all articles related to woodworkers see category woodworker woodworkers produce ammunition arrows and thrown weapons bows harvesting tools powerful totems and handcrafted wooden weapons such as staves wands batons and pikes.

Head to the woodworking table in the crafting area and bring along 6 sumac 3 titanium 3 ethereal sandpaper enough ingredients for 3 combines. Faction items may be purchased from donall ironarm in the thurgadin exchange in thurgadin. 1500 forgemasters of thurgadin faction 29 gold plus you keep the recipes for the two house item cages.

The tradeskill society of thurgadin city of the coldain. Woodworking tables are used by carpenters woodworkers.


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